Beach flags

The name suggests that beach flags are only used on the beach, but it is just as good at the fair and the parking lot, in the ski slope or on the roof. A beach flag is visible, and it is also very affordable.

This is included in the package:
Flag with four-color print
Ground nail or cross foot

Dimensions: S, M, L
Material: 115 gram polyester
Printing: Digital than the customer's original

Ground fixture:
There are a number of different options for price increases.
Ground screw / ground stick fits to attach the beach flag to soil, sand or snow.
Water bellows are available as an option to cope better with the wind.
Ground plate and wall bracket are used when more stable mounting is required.
Footer, used to lock the wheel and use the weight of the car.

Our flags are printed on 115 grams of polyester fabric. Which means you can get photo-color full-color printing across the flag if you wish. The beach flag has a 95% impression, so on the backside the subject is mirrored.

Beackflaggor Intersport