Digital Printing

This is a method that in recent years has begun to complement traditional printing technology to an increasing extent throughout the world. Unlike conventional printing methods, the information is transmitted in a completely digital process directly from the data medium.

Some of the main advantages of digital printing are that printing plates do not need to be used, it is environmentally friendly, and the expensive starting costs are lost. Quick changes can also be made next to the minutes before printing. Digital printing is primarily a quick method. The edition is ready for post-processing and distribution immediately after leaving the machine.

Screen printing

Dear child has many names. Screen printing is also called screen printing, fabric printing, screen printing or silkscreen.

The principle of screen printing is that screen color is pressed through a PVC fabric or polyester using a rubber scraper, a so-called squeegee. With the rakel, the color is pulled over the fabric and at the same time, screen color is pressed through the fabric.
The fabric that is stretched on a frame leaves no patterns after printing. By using Screen Printing, this provides extra long durability and provides good quality.