Our customers demand high functionality and customized products. Whether you want a customized concept for your chain or if you want to use our flexible standard products to create the right environment or scope, we have the right solution.

Purchaser HAGS

"I highly recommend Jolek because they have excellent service and always deliver on time. Would gladly order from them again. Quick and easy! "

Solong Sundbrandt, HAGS


Marketing Assistant Honda

"I recommend Jolek that manufactures durable pallet covers to our dealers throughout Sweden"

Carola Larsson, Honda Nordic AB

Owner Ljungs Trädgård & Ljungs Blommor

"Jolek is very nice to her customers and every time I have received help right away without having to wait a while. They exude quality and good entrepreneurship."

Tina Hild-Källman, Ljungs Trädgård och Ljungs Blommor